Tips on Shopping for a Good Bow

Is the bow fray treated?
At BowBiz Dog Bows, all raw ribbon edges are professionally fray treated to ensure your bows have a fresh, long lasting new look.

Things to consider:
Don't assume that everyone takes the time to professionally fray treat their bows. Be certain to purchase bows which are fray treated; otherwise, you may have frayed ribbon and sloppy edges on your bows.

Is the bow stiffened?
All 3/8", 5/8" and 7/8" BowBiz dog bows are treated with a professional grade, certified non-toxic stiffener. Two coats of stiffener are carefully applied via handbrushing to create a beautiful, durable and long lasting bow.

Things to consider:
Not all bows are stiffened. Some bows are stiffened but with a spray stiffener - a quick & easy method which does not always ensure a stiff, durable bow. Others may apply only one coat of stiffener.

Does the bow have a quality backing?
Each BowBiz dog bow utilizes two high quality, durable bands as backing. Optional French barrettes and alligator clip backings are of high quality, are nickel plated and tested to be lead free.

Things to consider:
To prevent easy breakage, bows should have professional bands, not simply elastics which are intended for other purposes. If you are paying a cheap price for barrettes or clips, they may actually be of cheap quality - remember that the bow backing is an integral part of your bow!

Are you getting quality ribbon?
BowBiz Dog Bows shops around for not only unique, but also high quality ribbons. Many BowBiz Dog Bows ribbons have been imported from around the world - Europe, Asia and some very stylish ones from NYC.

Is the bow created with a durable thread?
BowBiz dog bows are hand-stitched with top quality, durable Gütermann thread from Germany.

Things to consider:
If your bow is created with a low quality thread, it may easily break. This is not only a waste of your money, but also a potential danger to your furbaby (if embellishments or backings come off and are ingested)!

Is the center securely stitched (not glued) to the bow?
Absolutely all BowBiz dog bows have their embellishments securely hand-stitched to the center of the bow.

Things to consider:
If the decorative center of a bow is attached with glue, the embellishment may become detached causing a potentially dangerous situation for your furbaby (if ingested).

Are the bows packaged well?
All BowBiz dog bows are very carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Are the bows created quickly?
BowBiz Dog Bows takes pride in having one of the fastest turnaround times of quality, handmade bows. A great deal of time is devoted to creating BowBiz dog bows - and therefore, orders are completed quickly. Attention to detail and high quality is a priority and is never compromised! You always know the guaranteed time frame for your order completion before you even order, simply by checking the shipping page.

Things to consider:
Be sure you know exactly how long your order will take to complete or you could potentially have to wait from several weeks to even many months for your bows! If you do know your order completion time, is it guaranteed?

Is there a large and varied selection available?
BowBiz Dog Bows has one of the largest selections of quality dog bows online! There are literally thousands of bow styles to choose from and new designs are constantly being added. If you don't see what you want, BowBiz Dog Bows can easily design a custom order, at a price comparable to other bows on the site. The thousands of products available are all categorized for easy shopping.

Things to consider:
If you can't find all your bow needs in one stop shopping (ie grooming bands, bows of all sizes and styles, custom bow orders, barrettes, clips, band scissors, etc), it may cost you more by having to shop in multiple places.

Are bows freshly made and not in-stock, pre-made bows?
BowBiz dog bows are ALL made specifically for your order. Once your order is placed, fresh ribbon, embellishments and bands, etc are laid out and your bow is carefully handmade - just for you!
You only receive 100% freshly made bows each and every time.

Things to consider:
You may not wish to receive old, returned, in-stock or pre-made bows as the quality may be potentially compromised and therefore inferior.

Does the bow seller have a good reputation?
From bow designs and concepts to innovative ideas and presentation, BowBiz Dog Bows is a strong leader and takes pride in being unique and creating original designs. You will always find something new at BowBiz! Community minded, BowBiz Dog Bows donates 100% of profits from Awareness Ribbons to charity. BowBiz Dog Bows also donates to several rescue organizations to assist in their fundraising. BowBiz Dog Bows has created exclusive fundraiser bows such as the Aid for Oklahoma bow and the Japan Earthquake Relief bow to assist those so desperately in need. See the BowBiz Cares page for more information.

Things to consider:
Are you getting an original BowBiz Dog Bows design or are you getting an imitation? From new bow concepts to websites, marketing strategies, new innovations, creations and designs, BowBiz Dog Bows is often imitated.
Are bows infringing on company trademarks and violating namebrands in order to profit from a reputable company's success? Are you purchasing from an ethical supplier? Shopping from a community minded bow maker with professional ethics and integrity allows you to build a positive ongoing relationship with your bow designer, knowing that you can trust and shop with confidence.

Will you receive excellent customer service?
BowBiz Dog Bows has a large base of happy customers, many of whom have become not only fans but also friends. Just visit the Testimonials page at BowBiz Dog Bows or our "Facebook Page" for unsolicited comments. You can also check out the BowBiz Dog Bows Doggie Spotlight for a bevy of smiling furbaby faces. You will always receive prompt and friendly replies to any questions/concerns. BowBiz Dog Bows aims to please - and it shows!
It's been said that "There's No Biz Like BowBiz!"

Are the bows always created by the same person?
At BowBiz Dog Bows, I - and only I - am the sole designer and creator of your bows. You will always receive consistent top quality products and always know exactly what you are getting!

Things to consider:
Not every online store has only one bow maker. If your bows are being created by multiple people, you cannot ensure exactly how your bows will turn out, since everyone adds a different personal touch.

Are the bows created in the proper environment?
At BowBiz Dog Bows, all bows are created in a non-smoking bow studio specifically setup and used exclusively for bow design and creation. This professional dedicated workspace has wall-to-wall shelves full of thousands of ribbon rolls and embellishments.

Are the bows safe?
BowBiz dog bows are constructed not only with beauty in mind, but also your furbaby's safety. Absolutely no feathers, loose sparkles & glitter, toxic items or poor quality materials are used. All bow centers are firmly and securely hand stitched to the bows. Only certified non-toxic bow stiffener is used. All French barrettes and alligator clips attached to bows are nickel plated and tested to be lead free. BowBiz Dog Bows firmly believes in furbaby safety before profit!

Things to consider:
Feathers, sparkles and glitter can easily irritate your furbaby's eyes and potentially cause damage. Glued embellishments can more easily become detached than securely stitched centers, causing potential harm to your furbaby if ingested. Likewise, barrettes or clips with lead content may be hazardous.

Is the bow seller a designer, not a wholesaler?
At BowBiz Dog Bows, wholesale mass production is simply not an option. Having previously worked in a design firm in Toronto for many years, I believe personal creativity and original quality product trumps mass production. Great care and personal pride are taken in affording the utmost of attention to detail for each and every bow. Quality control is paramount!

Things to consider:
Is your bow one of a bulk, mass produced batch? Does quality suffer as a result of quick assembly line production? Does each bow receive a special touch?

Are bows reasonably priced? Are you getting pricing integrity?
BowBiz Dog Bows prides itself on designing and creating unique, top quality dog bows at incredibly reasonable and affordable prices. Sales, newsletter specials, member discounts and exclusive offers are regularly offered to show appreciation for BowBiz Dog Bows customers. BowBiz Dog Bows sales are offered on the actual bow retail price. We do not mark up our prices in order to offer a 'sale' (thus bringing your 'sale' price down only to near normal). BowBiz Dog Bows believes in pricing integrity and that beauty and quality need not cost an arm and a paw.

Things to consider:
An expensively priced bow does not necessarily mean it is of a high quality, just as a lower priced bow does not necessarily reflect poor quality. Base your decisions and purchases on your bow and bowmaker research - and not strictly on price. Also, do comparison shopping and know the true value of a bow. Ask yourself if bows have been significantly overpriced in order to offer a large 'sale'.

Can you shop securely and is your information safe?
BowBiz Dog Bows takes every precaution to protect our users' information. When users submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and off-line. Visit our Privacy page for more detailed information.

Can you know your order status 24/7?
BowBiz Dog Bows offers an Order Status Service whereby you can always see the exact up-to-date details of your order and its current status - simply by logging in to your account.


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