St. Patrick's

Rich green satins, shamrocks and more ... some very adorable St. Patrick's Day dog bows!

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BOW BACKINGS: All 3/8", 5/8" and 7/8" bows are created with the standard double bands as backing. If you'd like a different backing, please visit the Barrettes/Clips category for the backing of your choice. Optional backings include French barrette, alligator clip, plastic barrette and alligator clip with GripZie.

#2545 - 5/8" Dog Bow - Zowie Zebra, Sage Green on Green

#2545 - 5/8" Dog Bow - Zowie Zebra, Sage Green on Green

Sale: $5.49
Save: 15% off


#2414 - 5/8" Dog Bow - A Brew For You, Cute Beer Stein

#2414 - 5/8" Dog Bow - A Brew For You, Cute Beer Stein

Sale: $5.89
Save: 15% off


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